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Heyo, I'm Jo. I'm a 30-something BSc Computer Science who just happens to be one of them trans (She/Her, btw).

I get (rightfully tbh) angry about the sorry state of today's software, construct things in meatspace (mostly containers and boxes) and dig into game files for fun and profit. Mostly just fun. I also like old computers and consoles. 💻

I also run this little patch of land that is my own personal Masto instance. It's not open for registration, I'm afraid.

I guess I'm repairing the force knob on my flight stick's throttle tomorrow. :blobugh:

YouTube ads, shitty YouTubers 

Did I just see a shitty war mobile game advert with shitty right-wang YouTuber JonTron in it? :blobglarenervous:

This is way out of my price range (for $800 I could gift a fuckton of people Transformers Devastation) but damn...

Superhot: Mind Control Delete is throwing invincible "bosses" at me now. :blobyikes:

UK news 

Why on earth is ITV News running footage of their own game show at half framerate? :blobwaitwhat:

UK retail litigious bollocks 

Bold of M&S to try and sue Aldi for knocking off their knockoff caterpillar. :blobcoffeeunamused2:

Yeesh, Superhot: Mind Control Delete was really going to make me think the game was just 10 levels or something, wasn't it?

I forgot how much of an dirty-looking game Skyrim is.

The Civ games really know how to do a soundtrack sometimes. :blobwoah:

Old UK TV ads 

Gods, how the fuck is FONA so easily forgotten that it lacks a Wikipedia page?

I fired up Elite Dangerous on my new comp to test a few things out, namely if things chug the minute I reach a planet, but I did get a little distracted.

Welp, Elite Dangerous just damn near gave me a heart attack when my monitor lost the signal.

Anyway, I fired up Civ 6 now that I can actually play it. Things I've learned:

1) Firaxis must really fucking love Yorkshire accents,
2) Advisors are still fucking useless.

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People argue about feet/inches versus meters, but there's only one true universal measurement system.

Does Firaxis have a Northern English accent fetish? :thinkhappy:

No Man's Jank, Spoilers 

I feel like, when you sell a game on discovery and cataloguing a procedurally-generated galaxy, the whole "irreversibly reset the universe" thing kind of renders that all pointless, doesn't it?

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Violent superhero series 

"[Invincible] is kinda like The Boys but a cartoon."

No it's not. :blobdisapproval:

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