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Heyo, I'm Jo. I'm a 30-something BSc Computer Science who just happens to be one of them trans (She/Her, btw).

I get (rightfully tbh) angry about the sorry state of today's software, construct things in meatspace (mostly containers and boxes) and dig into game files for fun and profit. Mostly just fun. I also like old computers and consoles. 💻

I also run this little patch of land that is my own personal Masto instance. It's not open for registration, I'm afraid.

Lewd joke 


TV bullshit 

Some past commissions~ I still have 3 slots open for this month (to be finished before Xmas!!) pls buy my cabbage.. :'D

Message me for info or check out

#commissions #art

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Bad TV movies 



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Friends (The TV show) 

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