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Heyo, I'm Jo. I'm a 30-something BSc Computer Science who just happens to be one of them trans (She/Her, btw).

I get (rightfully tbh) angry about the sorry state of today's software, construct things in meatspace (mostly containers and boxes) and dig into game files for fun and profit. Mostly just fun. I also like old computers and consoles. 💻

I also run this little patch of land that is my own personal Masto instance. It's not open for registration, I'm afraid.

Okay, being able to play a sound after a lengthy command line operation is a godsend.

Violence, Home media bullshit 

DVD producers that insist on leaving an empty AUDIO_TS on the disc deserve a kick in the dick. :blobglarenervous:

It fucks with me because I feel obligated to copy it over regardless. :blobugh:

Dammit, now I have "Get Ready For This" stuck in my head. :blobugh:

"Coin-op" is such an odd term for arcade video games. Like, I can hazard a guess as to its mechanical game origins, but the most coins do on video games is increment a single variable that partially dictates your playtime.

I'm probably overthinking it. :blobteefs:

on Project Gemini 

those of us who live in a web browser are excluded by people going "right, i'm only going to be on gemini in future". raw HTML is not hard to write, it doesn't take much to make it look moderately pleasant, it's lightweight to serve if you use something like thttpd (or even hook a tiny little webserver into whatever's doing inetd things these days), it's lightweight to read if you use links or netsurf or dillo, and it runs on *everything*

so if you must host all your stuff on a gemini site, at the very least run an overnight cron job to translate them into basic HTML, and run something like or or for the ultimate in lightweight servers,

MH (-), intrusive thoughts 

Oh, just suddenly realising how a shitty IT curriculum, unsupportive parents, lack of available literature and the bullshit of PAYG dial-up hampered by computer and electronics skills beyond Microshit Office throughout my childhood. :blobnervous:

Guess I got reminded of the pitfalls of Homeplugs:

A couple of more potential points of failure between device and router. :blobugh:


Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite, I forgot to take them! *zooms out of bed, leaving a streak of fire in her wake*

Hurry up and finish ripping, Automan, so I can go to bed. :blobfrowningbig:

TERFs, cursed idea? 

Googlebomb that makes top results for the red square emoji suggest it means fascism. :thonking:

Finally got around to cleaning up the edges on my Pirate-Audio's box and running some sandpaper over it. Now I just need to get some time to spray the bugger.

CDPR Hack, Tinfoil hat time, siblings 

Great, my brother thinks the CDPR hack might have been a state-sponsored attack. :blobdizzy:

For all anyone actually knows, it was probably a bunch of entitled gamers pissed off that they got hyped for a bug's nest. :bloblamp:

Picrew, not quite eye contact

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