I remember a TV ad years ago in the run-up to the release of the first LOTR movie, which claimed the trilogy could be bigger than Star Wars and it's only just dawned on me now that if that were ever true, The Hobbit has essentially become its equivalent of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.


Also we could probably do with actual proper official names for the Star Wars trilogies than just "the original trilogy" and "the prequels"

Why not "The Anakin Trilogy", "The Luke Trilogy" and later "The Rey Trilogy" at least?

This was not an invitation to be a cynical nob in my mentions, for fuck's sake.

It's not clever. It's just annoying.

@TheGibson I mean, so far the first two movies have been with her front and centre, right.

The alternative is probably the Republic, Rebel and Resistance trilogies, which comes with a bit of bonus alliteration. :blobtongue:

@Jo I mean, I'm with you... it probably is about Rey... but we haven't seen those chickens hatch just yet.

@thegibson @Jo lets just say were naming them after the desert orphan from each one

@Jo The R2 trilogy, the R2 trilogy, and the R2’s there but it’s finally about a woman trilogy

@Jo I call 4-6 "Star Wars", 1-3 "Garbage That Doesn't Even Exist", and 7- "Halfassed Nostalgia Exploitation".

@Jo What about "The New Hope Trilogy", "The Lost Hope Trilogy", and "Disney's Hope [For Profits] Trilogy"?

@Jo How about "The Boomer Trilogy", "The Gen X Trilogy", and "The Millenials Are Killing Star Wars Trilogy"?

@Jo Sorry, I'm not very funny. I tried.

@Jo FWIW, I think of the trilogy names that way, too.

@Jo Call 'em like they're Chaucer.

The Farmer's Tale
The Slave's Tale
The Scavanger's Tale

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