Cool. I just used shntools to stitch a load of flacs into a single one and it plays back without fail. Even gapless and everything.

Plus I was able to generate a CUE sheet for it too.

OF COURSE, VLC has to be a complete DICK about how it handles CUE files. >:(


Clementine handles them fine, except for one little problem:

It's leaving out the first three tracks for some baffling reason.

@Jo Wait, if its is one solid file why do you need a playlist? o.0

@Canageek It's complicated. I have a bunch of albums that are mixed together with no audible gaps between tracks, and having separate files for each track results in a slight pause as the player - any player - opens the next track.

So I'm trying a single file with a CUE-sheet to mark each track because I'd still like to jump back to the beginning of a track if I stop playback for a while.

@Jo Huh. I thought there where settings in a lot of players for gapless playback.

@Canageek Believe me, I've had nothing but disappointment trying to find a player that does gapless playback from anything that isn't just directly from a CD. :blobsad:

@Jo I went to test this, but realized I don't have my audio library on this laptop yet v.v

@Jo @Canageek Phone or other? I've found a few over the years.

And yes, if it's got gaps then I'm totes sending it back.

@craigmaloney @Canageek Across the board tbh. Phone, Linux, the Chinese media player I ordered of AliExpress early last year... you name it. :blobawkward:

@Jo @Canageek Hm. What are you using to rip? That's an inordinate number of devices that are having issues.

I've been using the Logitech Squeezebox platform and haven't had issues with it. On Android I use PlayerPro and I know that it supports gapless.

@craigmaloney @Jo Encode each file with an exact amount of silence at the start, then use a bash script to start playing each one exactly that long before the previous file finishes playing in mplayer? ;)

(This is a joke! I mean, mostly?)

@craigmaloney @Canageek cdrdao and bchunk to extract them to WAV and then FLAC to convert them.

@Jo @Canageek Would you be up for / able to rip one with Banshee and see how that works? THat's what I've used for ripping CDs.

@craigmaloney @Canageek I don't have easy access to the original CD at the moment, unfortunately.

I honestly doubt it's the ripping that's the issue, either, because shntool joined them together just fine, no gaps at all. :blobconfused:

@Jo @Canageek OK. I know that this album plays fine on my equipment, especially the first two tracks. Plus it's PWYW, so you can pick it up for free if needed:

Does this still have a gap on all of your devices?

@craigmaloney @Jo Yeah, I can get Winamp to do it on my system, (its even got a feature to ignore beginning/end audio) but that won't work for you. :(

@craigmaloney @Jo OK, I found why you haven't tried to two players I know can do this.

Neither has a *nix version.

of course.


@Canageek @craigmaloney

VLC and SMPlayer both have an noticeable gap when switching to the next track.

Clementine switches to the next track flawlessly, and when checking my own album (I still have the separate FLACs per track at the mo) it handles those fine.

I'm pretty sure it's the players at fault here tbh. :blobshrug:

@Jo @craigmaloney I'm assuming you went over the list of linux players in the gapless playback wikipedia page? (Seems someone wrote a gapless version of player, but only put out once release and then stopped updating)

@Canageek @craigmaloney Yeah, but that doesn't really solve the overall issue of playback on mobile devices, as well as my cheap media player, which already has poorly-written firmware to begin with. :blobawkward:

@Jo @craigmaloney Yeah, that is harder. It does list some android clients, but I bet you are out of luck on the other.

Well, unless you code everything to one file like you did. (Amazed that doesn't overload the poor things memory! I guess they just buffer as much of the file as they need though)

@Jo @Canageek Apparently gapless is one of those unicorn features of VLC as well, as in it is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

@craigmaloney @Jo @Canageek i remember looking into this ten whole years ago, damn. i think the excuse at the time was someone saying something about "we have to cache the next song and theres some filesystem cross-platform compatibility thing about paths or file handles or something" which seemed like bullshit to me. they probably have a better excuse now that sounds more clever

@jk @craigmaloney @Canageek Honestly, that sounds like utter complete bollocks when probably the most you need to do is just buffer the next track before the current one ends or something.

@Jo @jk @craigmaloney Yeah, seems messed up.

But I'm guessing most people don't care about gaps between songs: I actually prefer one so I know when one song ends and the next starts. (Unless I'm playing 2012). I mean, most CDs are mastered to have gaps anyway.

@Canageek @jk @craigmaloney Most, yeah, but when it's something like Trance Nation, which is designed to be a continuous mix, it's kind of out of the question.

I do know the likes of Anjunabeats gets around this on their digital releases by including separate files per track, and then one long file with the whole mix alongside it.

@djsundog @Jo @jk @craigmaloney I am guessing it is a bit more complicated then that, since there are like, 18 options related to it in WinAmp.

I'm wondering if being crossplatform makes doing it *complicated*? Most of the Windows players seem to do it, and most of the *nix ones have trouble with it, so I'm wondering if the fact *nix does audio terribly is part of it?

@Canageek @Jo @jk @craigmaloney *nix audio is a mess for sure, but not to this depth - I can run a full DAW with realtime DSP plugins galore on a Linux box and that's orders of magnitude more complex than gapless playback between two standard audio files imo

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