I have the terrible idea of creating a Doom WAD just to change the credits to say "American McGee is a sweaty bollock". :blobsmilesweat:

@Canageek He's a racist douche, as he proved when he felt the need to whine about Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. >.>

@Jo a) Dammit. At least Carmack is generally non-problematic, right?

b) I don't know anything about that game so I'll take your word on it

@Jo @Canageek Christ, what a knob.

Also a fuckin' gg-supporting asshole, by the by.

@hache @Jo My mistake: He joined later on, working on Ultimate Doom and Doom II.

(Also I didn't realize Sandy Peterson was brought on only 10 weeks before it shipped.)

@hache @Canageek IIRC someone told me he was the one responsible for most of Doom II's more confusing maps. >.>

@Jo @hache Wiki says Romeros where the more interesting, where as his where more technically complex and challenging, in the minds of the rest of the team.

@hache @Jo Brought on near the end of Doom I according to Wikipedia and did a bunch of levels for it along with Romero.

But better known for being one of the creators of The Call of Cthulhu RPG.

He also returned to running that RPG company after its current management tried to chain Kickstarters to avoid revealing they had wasted all the money from the first one.

@hache @Canageek Yeah, Romero was reportedly quite the pain in the arse in his heyday, but the crashdown that followed Daikatana seems to have mellowed him out significantly.

@Jo @hache True, but he still comes off as pretty egotistical in interviews I've heard, but yeah, other then that seems OK.

@hache @Jo Oddly, Perterson seems to have mostly left the electronics games industry and gone back to making RPGs, which has to make WAY less money.

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