Is there any actual legit reason why you can't just replace the battery in a carbon monoxide detector?

@Jo planned obsolescence? We can change the battery in ours and it wasn't a special or expensive one

@ben0_o For some reason the one we have in the kitchen says the battery's non-replacable.

Makes me wonder if the bastards soldered it directly onto the board or something.

@Jo come top think of it, they might have imposed an expiry date this way due to dust build up in the sensor which can reduce effectiveness over time.
You can give it a go though, they don't use radiation as a detection method (unlike certain smoke alarms) so it should be safe to open up and poke around.

@ben0_o I probably will, but it's going to have to be after I pick up a new detector (and find a paperclip to jam into the activation jumper socket to shut the old one up) XD

@ben0_o @Jo That's probably it. After all, if most of the parts in it will fail before the battery dies, why bother having a removable battery? (This is sorta like how the Soviets during WW2 didn't bother making tanks that would run for more than 400km, because the germans usually blew them up by around 300km)

@ben0_o @Jo Sorry, I had the numbers wrong. It was actually 1,500, and the part that would fail at that point, if the germans hadn't blown it up, would be the transmission. But like, Soviet tanks usually didn't survive that long. There was a reason everyone in a T34 had their own hatch: that way they could all jump out when the tank was on fire.

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