@SelfsameSynonym : Can we have like some real instance blocking mabey

Gargon: Impossible.

A bunch of other fedverse devs: Actually heres like 4 different ways we can do it, any time, whenever. github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

@Laurelai isn’t it weird how every time Eugen and others are like “this is fundamentally impossible,” multiple devs chime in with ways to do it?

@maverynthia @SelfsameSynonym Id believe that if gargon didnt get so pissed off when people bring it up


@Laurelai @maverynthia

It's almost like the whole fucking point of computer science and, in turn software development, is to solve problems and not sit on one's hands and declare it impossible. :blobteefs:

@Jo @Laurelai @maverynthia roll_safe.jpg Don’t have to solve problems if you refuse to acknowledge they exist

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