In retrospect, DVD menus were a terrible idea.

Why yes, I do love waiting five minutes for this CG animation to play out just so I can select a scene or episode. /s

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@Jo at some point dvd menus will be studied as a short-lived interactive art form

@bnys Probably, but from a practical standpoint, they're a pointless intrusion. >.<

@Jo My favorite DVD menu opens up with a minute long dialogue about what a DVD menu is, and how to operate one

@douglasfur I'm not sure if you've seen my toots about the awful DVD menus for the UK release of Casshern (The live-action version). :blobnervous:

@Jo Oh my god how long of a window do you have to push the right button

About ten to fifteen seconds on Disc 1, five seconds on disc 2

@Jo hope you didn't want to do any scene selecting D:

Yeah, oddly the scene selection menu was just a perfectly normal one.

Still had to wait an age just to get to it tho. :blobsleepless:

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