On a lighter note, this arrived in the post just as I got home. :StarfleetInsignia:

@Jo what the heck are these categories? "threat to the universe", "to boldly go", "cunning"...

Someone clearly had to make shit up within five minutes, on pain of not getting invited to the office party. :thonking:

Deanna Troi is apparently a greater threat to the Universe that Sisko. :thonking:

@Jo What kind of threat to the universe is Janeway? 1000?

@Lexi @Jo I was thinking much the same... makes the borg and the undine (8472) seem benign by comparison.

@Jo @shivvi @Lexi clearly we live in one of the timelines she deliberately changed because it wasn’t exactly to her liking.

@SelfsameSynonym @shivvi @Lexi It's mostly "lesser" crew members.

The Klingons, Romulans and Borg are in the 85-100 range though.

@Jo @SelfsameSynonym @Lexi Maybe they mean that the universe will be fine no matter how many timelines she destroys before breakfast every morning.

@Jo @SelfsameSynonym @Lexi I mean certainly, every time I log into Star Trek Online, I'm terrified that Janeway might still exist...

@Jo @shivvi Ah, I get it. Janeway made this deck as Janeway propaganda.

@Jo @shivvi @Lexi

I never had these as a kid.

My only knowledge of Top Trumps cards comes from people complaining online about how stupid the stats are.

Example :

Do they make any that are any good?

@apLundell @shivvi @Lexi I've yet to find any that don't have ridiculous stats.

At least, not official decks anyway. I think 8-Bit Kick deck (classic computers) does a far better job of it, and probably the billion other trumps decks dotted about that aren't Top Trumps. >.>

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