I'll never understand why the Steam versions of Quake and Hexen are missing their fucking music.

@JordiGH I'm not even sure, because the GOG version of Quake comes with full soundtracks, albeit they were forced to package them in CD images for some reason.

(Still better than half-arsed MP3 encoding jobs tho)

@Jo you mean like, it’s total silence instead?

@amydentata Regular sound effects are present, it's just the music that's absent.

@Jo it's pretty tough to put CD tracks into a game like that short of hacky methods or putting MP3s in a source port.

@Jo probably a licensing thing, the music for quake was done by 9 inch nails

@ksmiles The weird thing is, that didn't stop GOG from releasing it with a full soundtrack, albeit in a CD image that was only mounted in the DOS version (it was something).

@Jo that is... weird. Might be related to how they released it as a cd image I guess?
Or it could be because steam knows NiN is crap and is trying to save you

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