Okay, what the fuck? :blobangery: works. :blobawkward: worked earlier, so why isn't :blobeyes: working?

It's still appearing in my emoji lists.

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@david It doesn't seem to want to work on my end. All it shows is the short code. :s

@Jo should clarify that I'm viewing it from my instance on the web right now

@Jo Your smilies appear for me if that helps

@Jo Also shit, I need to stop cursing your tests, I'm sorry

@Jo Not sure why it doesn't load on your end but it shows on mine.

@Crash I'm not sure either, because it renders correctly in the picker, but not in actual toots. :blobconfused:

@Jo "it appears as though your trial period of :blobeyes: has expired. if you would like to continue using it please send 10$ to eyes@giveblobsto.me
thank you"

@Jo text replace script failing to run due to some error, perhaps?

@Jo it’s not often my home instance loads images that others have trouble with

@Jo if you’ve got blobeyes you might need some cream for that. and lay off the public VR kiosks.

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