@jaz when is the loop ??? I downloaded the gif to see when it ends but they cut it in the middle of a loop, so it's seamless across the end of the gif. I can't tell when the actual video loops!

@jacethechicken the seamless loop is the best part, but it's two with paint, one no paint, loop

@jaz @jacethechicken I suspect the transistion between real corridor and painted one happens around the point where the background doorway falls off-camera. XD

There might be one where the businessman passes the camera and the painter shrugs, too.


@jaz @jacethechicken There's also a slight descrepancy, where a wall socket is present right on the corner, to the left of the sign when he starts moving it, but it's not there on the corner where he places the sign. :blobsurprised:

I know I sound like I'm picking this apart, but it's still bloody impressive. :blobgrin:

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