Apparently in the Hot Wheels universe, nobody has vowels in their name...

@Jo Hebrew has no written vowels. :blobowo: not in the typical sense, anyway.

There's a vowel system but nobody uses it except for very early education.

@Jo @codeawayhaley i've heard of game developers removing vowels from passwords to make sure they don't spell out a curse word, but this might be going too far...

@devurandom @codeawayhaley Someone else suggested that, but you can only put in three characters max anyway.

@Jo @devurandom "tit" is probably considered a curse word by hasbro (or what ever company owns the hotwheels ip).

@devurandom @Jo knowing how shit companies are they probably also include the word "gay" as a swear.

@codeawayhaley @Jo some did, automatically replacing high score initials saying "gay" (or "sex" or "ass") with something neutral.

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