Welp. That's clever. My TV remote triggers one of the wall lights. :blobexpressionless:

@Jo there's definitely an intermittent IR source in my living room which turns the tv (and thus the stereo) on in the middle of the night. it's driving me bonkers.

@tessaracht Can you get a cheapo camera to record the place overnight, maybe?

AFAIK most of them will pick up that little dot.

@Jo yeah! that's a good idea! there's a pawn shop down the street, I bet there's something there for cheap. my only other worry is that I've misdiagnosed it and it's not actually IR, but HDMI-CEC. there's the outside possibility that it's one of my HDMI devices doing this, and I have no idea how I'll track that down if it is. feels like there should be such a thing as HDMI-CEC probe / tracing software, but since it's a consumer electronics standard, who fuckin' knows. 😅

@tessaracht Cheapest thing to try is to unplug the CEC devices one night at a time.

As for a camera, a cheap little cube cam from AliExpress or whatever should do the trick of all else fails. :blobsurprised:

@Jo yeah, unfortunately it's infrequent enough that the "unplug one at a time" approach could take ages. like, it only happens once or twice a week. still. it's probably the best way to narrow it down.

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