By mistake I used the Account Migration feature in a way that can be considered malicious.

These unintended consequences needed to be written about, and reflected upon, so this is the first you see me post after I realized the result was of that.

@maloki unintended on your part, but given Mastodon’s development history it’s probably an intended feature

@skipsageneration as I mentioned elsewhere I'm not blaming the main dev alone, because there's other people working on the code, and reviewing code etc.

That said, I feel like a lot of features ship just to ship, not because they are ready or well thought out.


@maloki @skipsageneration Yeah, I have to be honest, it'd be hard to have seen this coming without a precedent. :blobnervous:

@Jo @skipsageneration 😅😂🤣

Hoping to get some more people on board to work on improving these features with Florence, hopefully one at the time.

I need to learn to code. 😅

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