For all StackWhatever is a shithole of smug, shit eating broflakes, sometimes there is the odd gem, like this sox command that emulates waves at the beach (quite well, I might add).

@Jo Hmm... it doesn't answer the question directly, but personally, I'd use mynoise's inUtero generator, and then overlay something like, well, depending on things, maybe shusher or singing bowls or ... well there are so many...

But then I've used mynoise for 4 or so years for sleeping and concentration and noise blocking that it pretty much comes down to "why would anyone use anything else" which is of course silly, there should be other options.

@Truck In my case, I was looking for something I could run on my Pi Zero and Pirate-Audio, which currently doesn't have any graphical desktop environment installed at the mo, so browsers are kind of out of the question there. :blob_laughing:

@Jo currently streaming the rain stream from mynoise on my pi zero (:

(There are 5; or at least I have 5 bookmarked; rain, ocean, zen, space, and nature.)

And no commercials (but I have donated over the years, I should do that again...)

@Truck I'm fussy about streaming for that purpose tbf, because if the Internet goes out, you're a bit buggered. :blobcheeky:

@Jo I've found that when that does happen, and it has - I don't wake up as a result. When I do wake up, I find I don't notice until a bit AFTER I've fully waken up, at which time I wonder if the internet disconnected fully... or if for some reason my client did not connect again.
I also tend to use it via a playlist (with mocp / music on console.)

Now: power being turned off? That I've woken for.

That said: some of the albums he has (and of course others, but again, I've used this so long I just don't really _know_ others) would work very well as a non-internet requiring playlist.
(And you can order any sound from there as a file which you can play in a player - including the mixes.)

Alternately, there is of course the possibility of taking similar sounds from youtube or soundcloud and playing them. Searching for these can be tiresome, though (especially when already having issues sleeping and it just does NOT help to not find something perfect...)

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