I want to see a comic where all of the non-Doctors (as in Doctor Who) have a multi-Doctor story. We get Richard E. Grant (Shakla), Peter Cushing (Dr. Who), and John Hurt (War Doctor) work together to stop Michael Jayston (The Valeyard) and Toby Jones (Dream Lord). Depending how this current story works out, throw Jo Martin in and have a quick visit with Rowan Atkinson and/or Joanna Lumley, too.


@LexPendragon IDW could have been all over this of they hadn't lost the license to Titan. :blobugh:

@Jo Titan has been really good about it, I think they could pull it off.

@Jo True. Titan is doing it, too, as 13 (Jodie) is currently meddling with the time 10 (David) spent in the 1960s in her series.

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