@Jo Oh, cool, they added blood to the chainsaw too.

She's also less of a screamer then doomguy. Her death sound isn't as shrill.

@JordiGH Huh. I also noticed the WAD replaces the red crosses on the medkits with red UAC logos. Not sure why. :blobthinking:

@Jo Maybe because of the whole thing where the red cross is a real symbol that should only be used by the actual red cross organisation? Some official Doom ports also removed the symbol.

@JordiGH Eh, still unneccessary in a WAD that's only supposed to be replacing character sounds and sprites, nothing item-related.

@Jo There were no changes to the 3rd person doom marine sprite, were there? I quickly went to the doom 2 cast sequence to check but it looks unaltered.

@JordiGH The changes are subtle, but they're definitely there. The Doomgirl sprite seems a little more slender, but still swole.

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