I guess "Korean Tron" is now on my list of ripoff movies I should... "acquire"... alongside Turkish Star Wars. :blobnervous:

@Jo This clip reminds me more of the laser disc games of the 1980s more than it should:

(the dubbing is terrible too)

@craigmaloney It's like two people, tops, making it up on the fly. :blob_laughing:

(Also, I thought I recognised the name Joseph Lai. He partnered with Godfrey Ho to shit out all those cut-and-paste Ninja movies that mix existing HK crime movies with western actors dressed in ridiculous "ninja" costumes)

@socketwench Its actual title is "Savior of the Earth", but it rips off a ton of elements from Tron that the moniker is appropriate.

Additional cringe: There's some racism in there to boot, with "John the black warrior" aka "Black John"... it's a black guy called John. :blobnervous:

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