Actually, I hated it because I spent ten minutes stuck in a room because I couldn't find which wall was the hidden supernarrow stairs that shared the same texture as every other wall. :blobunamused:

@sanspoint Probably because it was their one shred of originality because most of it was right-angled corridors with little else going for it.

...I think it predicted the modern FPS there. :blobnervous:

@monorail @polychrome @sanspoint Doom and Doom II do them all the time, as they're just a sector like everything else on the map.

Just don't expect them to be effective cover, though. :blobnervous:

@Jo @monorail @polychrome @sanspoint I'm pretty sure walls can provide some cover though, especially when the enemies are below you

@noiob @Jo @monorail @sanspoint doom doesn't take height into account when calculating bullet raycasts.

It's actually a 2D shooter game with "3D" visuals.

@noiob @Jo @monorail @sanspoint though if I remember correctly it -can- stop moving projectiles like missiles or fireballs :thonking: possibly also Lost Soul attacks.

@polychrome @noiob @monorail @sanspoint Sometimes, yeah, because unguided projectiles go for player position at the time of launch.. It's the friggin' hitscanners that get the better of the walls, for the most part.

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