The Raspberry Pi Foundation just dropped a new 8GB Model 4 on us all with little warning:

There's going to be a flood of YouTube videos crying that YouTube and Google Docs still struggles with these things, isn't there? :blobhuh:

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@Jo "To supply the slightly higher peak currents required by the new memory package, James has shuffled the power supply components on the board"

haha, that explains. "shuffle power components until it works" is industry standard

@Jo Oh dang, I bought a 4GB one two weeks ago 😂

@Jo To be fair the spec sheet I got with my Pi 4 at launch did mention the 8GB model

@Jo they're making a bit of a habit of this - didn't the Pi4 itself just appear out of nowhere?

still, 8GB is more RAM than any of my x86 machines is blessed with... at least until i buy a job lot of 2GB DDR2 DIMMs

@Jo wow, and they really buried the lede about 64-bit Raspbian too.

@Jo A cheap case with a fan and heat sinks lets the current Pi 4 do just fine, I've found. Enough that I didn't mind using it with my students.

Even Google Docs worked OK, though to be fair we weren't editing 20 page documents with 15 simultaneous contributors.

Only issues I really had were with lessons, because 32 bit Firefox couldn't support it well and Raspbian was only 32 bit.

A summer goal of mine is to find a good 64bit OS for the Pi that I can use in the classroom.

@Jo The way you phrased this makes me feel like I should be wearing a helmet.

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