In which Nostalgia Nerd looks at a bunch of old VTech "computers":

@Jo I'm pretty sure the Vtech trademark was originally planned for an 80s transforming robot toyline and then reused for something else. No proof but you can't convince me otherwise

@plsburydoughboy You're thinking of the Veritech fighter from Robotech/Macross, aren't you?

@FuchsiaShock @Jo ages ago i had a PDA, the Helio, that VTech made; it was intended as a PalmPilot competitor, but it had a 75MHz MIPS processor (a Toshiba SoC) in it and could be prodded into running Linux

...and almost certainly doom, though on a 160x160 greyscale screen it probably wouldn't have been too exciting ;-)

sadly it was a victim of the mass clearout i had last time i moved house

@thamesynne @FuchsiaShock The only VTech things I had was a Battleship clone and a I.T. Laptop which was probably VTech's closest attempt at a fully functional laptop as you could get short of actually buying a Windows computer.

Being 12 at the time, this somehow made sense to me. In practice... :blobawkward:

@Jo @thamesynne the only vtech product we ever had was that pong machine mentioned right at the start of the video.

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