Okay, how hard is it to design an HDMI switch box with all the bloody sockets at the back, people?

The ports face the back, the switch button faces the front. Not rocket surgery. :blobfacepalm:


@noiob I managed to find one on eBay (Opened, never used for £10) among all the poorly-designed ones, eventually.

The closest I could find before that was a Sandstrom (read: Currys PC World store brand) device that was marked atrociously high at £50. >.<

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@noiob (Worded that wrong, I found a decent switch box, but not a Hama one. :blobnervous2: )

@Jo that's a decent price! I got a really cheap one with a horrible form factor off of Amazon and it worked for a week, the hama one was maybe 20 bucks? but I wanted one from the local electronics store so I could exchange it if it broke

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