Fucking hell, the Raspberry Pi Foundation just launched a Pi 4 in a keyboard form factor. O.o

@Jo and it's clocked higher than a regular 4B, apparently there's a built-in heatsink

@Jo It feels like one of those 80’s computer, but for the year 2020.

@Sylvhem @Jo lol I was just thinking that, it's like a sleek Amstrad CPC 😄

@wolfie @Sylvhem I would have said it's closer in shape to an early Speccy. :bloblul:

@Jo @Sylvhem the Amstrad was what my family had so that's what I think of in terms of computers inside keyboards 😅

@Jo @Sylvhem I can't find anything about Speccy, just the program for checking your PC stats lol

@wolfie It’s the little nickname of the ZX Spectrum :).


@Sylvhem @Jo oh we had one of those when I was very tiny, never heard it called anything other than ZX Spectrum lol, but yeah that was sleeker than an Amstrad

@Jo oh fuck I don't need one of these but I want it

@Jo boyy

there's too many things I want already. why they do this


@Jo I thought the Page was a 404 at first because misread "400"

@Jo It certainly fills a niche in the ecosystem, but I don't see any evidence there's a fan in there and I have my doubts air cooling is enough.

I mean, I don't overclock and and the Pi4s in my classroom still throttle if I don't have a fan installed.

@crash Apparently it's got a sizable heatsink in there, so that might be enough.

@Jo I have my doubts, but leave it to people with more disposable income than myself to check it out.

I do think this fills a niche, though. Kids took to the Pi4s in my class instantly, but based on distance learning experiences I don't expect every adult to be able to do setup steps. This isn't configured out of the box for zoom but it's pre-assembled so there goes a psychological barrier of entry for parents/teachers.

@crash Watching a few vids about the Pi 400 and apparently the system-on-chip is a newer revision that runs cooler, and combined with the whacking great big heatsink, it's running cooler than a stock Pi 4. :blobsurprised:

@Jo I saw, though it's not a 100% fair comparison if you compare a device with a heat sink with one that doesn't have it.

Still, it's also clocked to run a bit faster.

all caps 


@compufox Yeah, I could see myself nabbing one for myself tbh.

@Jo Damn that is slick, and it seems like a natural extension of the concept.

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