Are there any FOSS rain-noise generators out there? I've seen multiple people going "use!" or whatever that site was, but I'd rather not have to use some website and not be able to download the sounds or anything.

@IceWolf I mean it's going to rain here for the next like month so if you wanted I could just turn on my phone sound recorder and stick it on my balcony for half an hour if you wanted

@IceWolf it's raining today, can you remind me later on once I'm up? they'll also be less traffic sounds mixed in in a couple hours


@Canageek @IceWolf sox might be an option, if you're up for some (relatively basic) command-line stuff.

An example that produces a seaside wave effect can be found here:

@Jo @Canageek Thanks!

Yeah basic noise is pretty good and not that hard to make, but it'd be really cool if we could have actual rain sounds.

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