Don't suppose anyone knows of a media player for Linux that sorts albums by album artist instead of track artist and also knows how to differentiate between multiple versions of an album, do they? :blobcoffeeunamused2:

@Jo Plex, maybe? I don't have multiple versions of a single album to test it out, but was able to correct errors when it thought songs by one artist were by another artist with the same name.

Although I don't think it runs on all distros ... I'm not enough of an expert to pretend I know what I'm talking about.

@Jo There's a server and a client, and the server can be a client and play music directly on the device on which it's installed.

I use the free version on a Raspberry Pi and it works pretty well, though your mileage may vary.

@Jo Elisa (KDE's newest music player) seems to do at least part of it?

@Mightyflea Yeah, but those are different albums with different artists.

I'm talking about when I have two versions of album by the same artist (one might be a reissue or a special edition for example) or an instance of a single sharing the title of its album.

@Jo Oh I see!
Can't help you there, I don't think I have two versions of the same album on hand.
Good luck though!

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