Love it when I wake up with a headache and I end up dozing off on the sofa for a few hours trying to shift it. :blobupsidedown:


paracetamol + caffeine + aspirin. All in one tablet.

I've suffered aura migraines, and this baby calms them like a wizard. A bit of the headache remains, as if you'd been beaten up, but the constant hammering with each heartbeat stops, or at least gets muffled back to tolerable.

Just make sure not to take them daily because excess paracetamol can fuck up your liver.


@yuki I've been taking Migraleve, which is Paracetamol, Codeine and Buclizine.

It's pretty effective, but also I need to avoid taking them more than three days in a row because they're an addiction risk. :blobnervous2:

It usually does the job in a few hours, though, so I don't get that far.

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