I feel like I do know the song, but I can't place it!!

@celesteh Apparently someone managed to find it by humming into their phone, but I didn't think Shazam could even do that. O.o




Actually, if I were designing an app like this, I would want to support the humming use case. And also, people tend to start on the right note, and go at the right rhythm and the right speed, so it's not that much harder to do. I don't have it installed, or I would now go test with the music box itself. I think that's less likely to work because it's an octave too high and the rhythms get slightly mangled.

@Jo it sounds familiar, but I cannot remember from what.

@Jo if it's the song I'm thinking of it's slower than the music box

@Jo holy shit i hummed it into my phone and it got what I was thinking of m.youtube.com/watch?v=YDTD_LiX

@Jo I know it's a studio ghibli theme, but I don't know which one exactly - Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle would be my guess.

@Jo yeah that sounds about right!

(ahh lateral move from castle in the sky to howl's moving castle hahaha)

@verity I really need to watch that movie again. Its been years. :blobnervous2:

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