Well shit, I installed Spore (the GOG version) to see what all the fuss was even about, and next thing I know it's 3am. :blobawkward:

@Jo damn

you can kill the vcredist installer in task manager if the install is taking that long.

@FimbulK I meant I was playing the game right up until I realised it was 3am. :blobfacepalm:

@Jo i always wanted to play that but never has a computer that could run it.

@zens o.O It's 10 years old now?

Or do you mean because you don't use Windows? :blobnervous2:

@Jo because I don’t use windows. i kept waiting for some mac or console or linux version. it never came.

Have you tried running it in a WINE bottle?
The Lutris launcher may even have automated skripts for installing/running it, whether you have purchased it via GOG or Steam.

@lazalatin @Jo uhm, nope, because wine doesn’t *generally* work, and I never wanted to put down money on the chance that it might.

@zens @lazalatin Maybe the free creature creator might be a useful test?

@Jo @lazalatin well, looks like that website is A-404 (rhymes with awol)

@Jo @lazalatin oh…. it just needs https and the server doesn't listen on port 80 to auto redirect.. hmm

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