TIL that WipEout Pulse got a PS2 port. Well into the PS3's lifespan. :blobwaitwhat:

@Jo they did this with quite a few PSP games around 2008 / 2009. around this time the ps2 was still being sold as a budget option / kids console and was still quite popular so I guess Sony wanted to keep bringing "new" titles over without much effort. Twisted Metal: Head On, Motorstorm: Arctic Edge and Lumines 1 also got PS2 ports to name a few.

@maples I mostly remember the GTA Stories spinoffs getting ports, but I figured 2009 was well into the PS3's lifespan that nobody bothered with the PS2. :blobhuh:

@Jo the PS2 kept being produced until a couple of months before the ps4 got announced, and I still remember seeing it in Argos catalogues at that time :P it was that popular

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