BBC Transphobia 

Laura Kate Dale started an open letter to the BBC over its latest, utterly criminal excuse for an article about trans women. Feel free to share and sign.

BBC Transphobia 

I hope there's a way to remove and block the blatant trolling attempts that a bunch of transphobic paedos are leaving. :blobcoffeeunamused2:

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BBC Transphobia; legal gender 

@Jo "However, to [do transphobic things] is an act of transphobia, because in the UK she is recognised as a woman [by law]."

I don't like this reasoning. A trans woman is a woman, regardless whether she is regarded as such by law. Of course it's good that even law recognise her gender (as everyone should!), but ultimately no government should decide gender of people. What about the trans people who just can't afford the involved bureaucracy and procedures of changing legal gender?

Let's just abolish legal gender, OK?

(Disclaimer: I think I'm cis and I'm definitely not in the UK, and I don't know much about the mentioned bureaucracy. I also didn't read the entire letter.)

BBC Transphobia; legal gender 

@maxi There's a ton of hoops for trans people in the UK to jump through as well, so yeah, I understand you there.

That said, it's probably worded like that because it's being addressed to the cis people in charge of the BBC. Well, that and it was hammered out fairly quick, apparently. :blobsmilesweat2:

BBC Transphobia 

@Jo Absolutely deranged that one of the main citations in this trash fire of the article is a serial sexual abuser. It's just all projection!

BBC Transphobia 

@Zero_Democracy Yeah, I just read that this morning. In a better world, that would be enough to completely discredit the whole BBC article.

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