I saw someone say Krita is on Mastodon now, but didn't link the account.

I've done a search in multiple clients and see that there are two accounts that look the same, both are krita @ mastodon.art.

Which is the real Krita?

(Attached a screenshot from Tusky for reference.)

@theoutrider @garrett They're not, but I've noticed Masto and its clients seem to forget that sometimes. 😕

@Jo @garrett I'm extremely confused by the part where lowercase-krita has the URL misspelled in the profile bio while uppercase-Krita does not

@garrett @Jo lowercase and uppercase have separate IDs on mastodon.social/web/accounts/ so I think mastosoc actually thinks they're two separate accounts


@theoutrider @garrett Yeah, though clicking through points to the same account.

@garrett @theoutrider Maybe @Curator tried to fix the capitalisation?

Even so, Masto (the software) should have probably accounted for case insensitivity.

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