I saw someone say Krita is on Mastodon now, but didn't link the account.

I've done a search in multiple clients and see that there are two accounts that look the same, both are krita @ mastodon.art.

Which is the real Krita?

(Attached a screenshot from Tusky for reference.)

@theoutrider @garrett They're not, but I've noticed Masto and its clients seem to forget that sometimes. 😕


@TheGibson @garrett @theoutrider @TheGibson Yeah, both versions of your username show up as separete accounts in the web interface but both link back to the exact same profile page.

I'm guessing an assumption was made about how URLs were handled and it was wrong. 😕

@Jo @garrett @theoutrider @TheGibson Yeah, I've brought this up a few times... not sure what can be done to fix it.

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