TIL that WipEout Pulse got a PS2 port. Well into the PS3's lifespan. :blobwaitwhat:

YouTube ads, misperceived lewd, eye contact 

Titty Horsefall? :blobwaitwhat:

All I can gather from Shadow & Bone since my dad started watching it.

This motherfucker


Took me all fucking evening to get right because I had to fanny about with putting together a voltage divider and several repeated attempts to figure out why the damn thing wasn't working.

So, it turns out that Xbox Avatar support is still around, it's just that the editor is a separate app on Windows.

Anyway, I mucked about with it.

Cursed eye contact by grumpy military men 

Have I ever brought this unsettling and frankly lazy trend of books featuring grumpy soldier men staring the photographer into an aneurysm to your attention? :blobglarenervous:

Landlord shit 

Funny how they couldn't have made a six-figure investment towards making their properties _not_ barely-livable, rat-infested shitholes. :thinkhappy:

No Man's Sky 

Why do I get the feeling that Companion dialogue was penned by a furry? :blobhuh:

No Man's Sky 

Anyway, check out this humongous Gek-like motherfucker.

No Man's Sky 

Can anyone from the real Hull verify that this is an apt description?

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