Actually, I hated it because I spent ten minutes stuck in a room because I couldn't find which wall was the hidden supernarrow stairs that shared the same texture as every other wall. :blobunamused:

Mention of anthro cat anuses. Yep. 

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GOG user review for the Animation Arts Collection of adventure games. :blobdisapproval:

Found in the reviews of the utterly pointless Shadow Warrior: Classic Redux (Classic Complete is free and aside from using eDuke32 (I think?) and some achievements, there's nothing legitimately new in the redux):


Bad Reddit comments, "Conservative Rap" 

Questionable book covers, eye contact 

Star Trek: {Picard, Discovery} 

YouTube comments, Picard-related, homophobia 

Okay, this is doing my head in. I'm trying to set up Neovim, installed Airline, installed the Powerline fonts to get the fancy arrows as separators, but for some reason they're showing up as white glyphs against a black background instead of matching the colours of the fields they're separating?

I'm using xfce4-terminal here, but apparently that shouldn't be a problem?

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