Selfie, eye contact 

I swear, this phone's camera makes my top look vantablack. :blobteefs:

It's weird to me that I have better control of this fan with my non-dominant hand, but then I suppose it's because of its design. :blobneutral:

Star Wars, bad YouTube comments 

"Why does Rey have A British accent? Disney is at it again!"
Pre-Disney Lucasfilm: "Are we a joke to you?"

"I'm telling you, mate, those plants aren't filling you. You're all bones!"

"Have you looked in a mirror in the last 65 million years?"

Remember when reused Carex bottle pumps extended with silicone straws to make my TreSemme bottles easier to use?

I also said it wasn't the best solution. Welp, turns out Home Bargains had these pump bottles for 99p each, and they're a lot better than my idea.

(Not to say my original idea was bad, as a temporary measure.)

I'll find a less crude way of differentiating them later.

YouTube ads, eye contact, potentially lewd? 

You know a font has failed when you accidentally misread "MOLE" as "HOLE". :blobawkward:

Extreme close up, eye contact in gif 

Me: "I'm just sorting my Lego."
Mum: "Oh, are you going to sell some?"

If I were able to get a black model, this would have been perfect.

Ashens has better not have bullshitted me. :blobneutral:

(Joking, I know YMMV is a given with Poundland tech.)

Twitter, EFF being fucking incompetent 

No no. Let it die. :blobglarenervous:

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