I forgot to post that I laid LED strip around my window, initially as Xmas lights but I think this can be more permanent tbh.

Pets (hamsters) (+) 

"Hi, what's that shiny thing? Can I nibble it?"

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Felt like a pigtail kind of day.

(before you ask, the mask is on my knee ready to use)

I feel like the Instance Emoji bot just photobombed the timeline here.

UK Politics (delayed), image-based message (captioned) 

I, err, experimented a little more. Picked a closer background colour to the original (I couldn't be arsed to colour-pick it), added some extra bits. :blobnervous:

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Timon & Pumbaa, cursed image 

And of course I paused on this cursed tweening frame. :blobfearful:

Transphobia on Pluto TV, slur alert 

You ever just want to punch a fucker? :blobdisapproval:

I repurposed the box that my new headphones came in by cutting the top flaps off and slapping some wood effect vinyl over it, and it looks pretty tidy if I do say so myself.

Selfie, eye contact 

Good morni- shit, it's afternoon already. :blobawkward:

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