Musicbrainz, NFTs (don't worry, they're not doing them) 

Every time my eyes fall on this, my brain registers "release" as "disease". :blobawkward:

(via )

Cards, the Universe and Everything 

I feel like I just collected the Infinity Gems. Or the Chaos Emeralds. :blobnervous:

YouTube bullshit 

You know would also be beneficial to everyone's mental health, YouTube?

Banning right-wing content. :blobglarenervous:

Not Picrew, eye contact 

So, seems like a western Picrew with a slightly fiddlier interface.

Today in unexpected half-arse hacks, The monitor shelf I bought was a bit too deep on the underside and obscured the screen a bit. Fixed with a piece of cardboard and copious amounts of duct tape.

Ad blockers are a godsend, but also, advertising in its current state needs to die a swift yet brutal death. :blobunamused:

On the plus side, this frame is much better for my GW2 Thief Queen art card. I could probably still go one size down, though.

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