Plushy, eye contact 

Blu just had to be "unstinkied" with Febreze and as much as they appreciate it, they're not too happy about being unable to snuggle until they dry a bit.

Shit wizard boy in picture, but that's irrelevant to the point of this post 

I'm sorry, what? :blobglarenervous:

Unintentional implied lewd, eye contact, drug mention 

It's not just me with my mind momentarily in the gutter when I saw this, right? :blobnervous:


Keep getting YouTube ads with some guy calling himself DJ BBQ and join googling to see if this is even a real person... I've seen all I need. :blobglare:

Just me toying with GB Studio to wrap my head around it.

(Background is from the GB Studio Community Asset pack)

Tiny eye contact 

Update to the head, and also a walking anim.

Or is that marching?

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Tiny eye contact 

So... turns out that sprites in GB Studio need to be 16x16, soooooo...

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Tiny eye contact 

I may have foolishly bought Aseprite.

I'm calling her Realm. No idea why.

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