MOTU: Revelation spoilers, really fucking wide-of-the-mark take 

This ain't it, marra. :blobdisapproval:

Numbers used as dogwhistles 

Steering clear of the Nazi usage, I see. :blobglarenervous:

I... think I did some accidental foleying and made a turn signal noise by idly grabbing an HDMI cable with my foot and slapping it between a USB hub (plastic shell) and an HDMI switcher box (metal shell). :blobwaitwhat:

Bad Marvel take 

Gillen and McKelvie would be spinning in their graves if they were dead. :blobdisapproval:

YouTube dickheads, racism, queerphobia, the lot 

Still waiting on those citations. :blobhuh:

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YouTube dickheads, racism, queerphobia, the lot 

The MAGA maggot has logged on. :blobrollingeyes:

BONUS: Would not recommend this because all control goes out the airlock after 100,000 feet, but it did get me the Hair on Fire achievement. :bloblul:

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Extremely cursed sponsored link 

Whoever wrote this might want to stay away from children. :blobglarenervous:

Somehow, this piece of shit can fly without noseplanting the minute it spawns onto the runway. :blobhuh:

Thing I did because I have more solder than sense:

Transferred the entire lot from its original bobbin or whatever into a tiny jar and drilled a hole into the top to feed it through.

The Anakin and Padme meme in Twemoji form 

Yeah, this popped into my head so I ran to imgflip to quickly put it down onto paper if you will. :blobpeek:

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