@WelshPixie For a second I thought it was a screenshot from The Stolen Earth. XD

@staticsafe The FDA would probably still throw a tantrum, though.

@tobi Yeah, I think he's had a birt of an editing update to go with the new house. :P

I hate doing this, because y'all are wonderful andboost my donation toot all the time and give me and @pupper some ridiculous sums of money. (Crowd funding, it seems, is not many folks giving £5, it's a handful giving £50, and while I know that plenty of people can afford that, it still makes me feel guilty and cry.)

We're about £130 in the red right now, on top of a broken washing machine and FUBAR plumbing, so any help at all would be massively appreciated. Thank you.


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Bwuh. Feeling tired, but if I take a nap, bang goes any chance of getting any sleep tonight. >.<

If I had €200 to spend on a new old-stock Amiga I'd be emulating Phillip J. Fry in an instant. o.O


They literally ported a GBA sequel to a PlayStation 1 game to Windows. o.O

Fucking hell, why are there even so many fucking Roy Orbison compilations? :blobrollingeyes:

Guys, be careful who you retoot from in the next few weeks as lots of aphobes from Tumblr are pouring into Mastodon, especially in the mastodon.social instance. Almost all of them are also transmed/truscum or truscum adjacent as well.

@headachebooth They're for absorbing moisture, so they general get used a lot in shoe boxes and other things that need to stay dry in transit.

@colon_three @plsburydoughboy I think it's about VHS quality? I've got a copy of Ninja Scroll on DVD and it pretty much looks like a digitised transfer from cassette.

@plsburydoughboy I think most media players still support it because there's no real reason to cut it, especially when the format is still popular in places like China.

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