Seems to be a few recent anime series set in contemporary settings but the Earth isn't our Earth and has vastly different geography.

There's One Punch Man, and by the looks of it, Spy x Family. :blobtilt:

(Yes, there's also Dragon Ball but that's as old as the hills now.)

Bad business, death 

And, no, the video was not uploaded on the 1st of April.

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Bad business, death 

Fucking pressure washer YouTuber's answer to "what would happen if a customer died before they paid?" was "go to the funeral, offer your condolences and then give them the bill."

Like, fuck off and just write it off, you creep? It's not their fault. :blobglarenervous:

Pssst! Get your free and discounted science fiction.

The world was never enough, was it? These books dare to take you to the far off and different, even if it's still on Earth sometimes. #SpaceOpera #SciFi #ReadingCommunity


It's still the fucking fediverse, you anal bead. :blobrollingeyes:


@thamesynne Oh, that boring piece of "graphic design" and thinly-veiled propaganda.

Picard 2, Picard 3 speculation 

@quark I think Control was unrelated beyond "evil AI", but I have a lot of Disco to catch up on once Paramount+ launches here (There's no way I was able to watch it on Pluto TV unfortunately).

Brother, misogyny 

For some reason this Anne Hathaway movie had my brother complaining about how women rant about how in the old days men wore suits and were manly men etc and so on, and I'm like "bitch, have you seen the incel shit that crops up on YouTube lately?" :blobglarenervous:

Picard 2, Picard 3 speculation 

@quark Yeah, I have a feeling the synth race that almost came through in S1 might make a return.

Picard 2, Picard 3 speculation 

@sadie It's only 10 episodes, and I needed something to break up The Equalizer a bit (and also not have to constantly tell my brother to STFU before he spoils it). :blobnervous2:

Picard 2, Picard 3 speculation 

My brother reckons that the transwarp conduit in the finale belongs to the less kinder and gentler Borg that's been a threat to the galaxy since TNG, and let me just say that would be a fucking lazy and boring way to wrap up the t series. :blobugh:

Selfie, eye contact 

I swear, this phone's camera makes my top look vantablack. :blobteefs:

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