@bgcarlisle Is Robot Jox still on there? 🤔

Alternatively, Captain Harlock or Vexille.

In further proof that the Internet is amazing, here’s a PDF scan of the original Bunnies and Burrows rpg, as reprinted in the early 80s from the 1976 original:

(American D&D nerds meet Watership Down. Mainly historical interest, but technically playable.)

@tessaracht The main thing is that it takes forever just to load the title screen. :blob_laughing:

Don't try to use a 4GB soundfont in Doom. Learn from my fail. :blobgrimace:

@KitRedgrave PC mags used to download the patches and stick them on their coverdiscs. :blobtilt:

Got to love when a soundfont turns out to be missing an instrument. :blobfacepalm:

Doom WADs, misogyny 

Doom WADs, misogyny 

Aw fuck, I just caught the end of Dark Star on Pluto TV. >.<

You can Dennis if you want to,
You can leave your friends behind,
Because your friends don't Dennis and if they don't Dennis then they're
No friends of mine.

UK TV ads 

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