Mortal Kombat, siblings being clueless 

@somarasu I mean, yeah, but that movie and its sequel took a lot of creative license (or uncreative in the case of Annihilation) .

Mortal Kombat, siblings being clueless 

My brother, finally watching the Mortal Kombat trailer: "Wait, was that Raiden? He looked Chinese or something. I thought he was white in the games!"

Okay, being able to play a sound after a lengthy command line operation is a godsend.

Violence, Home media bullshit 

@Canageek It's usually included in the video. The AUDIO_TS folder was a holdover from when they wanted to push DVDs as a replacement for music CDs, apparently.

Violence, Home media bullshit 

DVD producers that insist on leaving an empty AUDIO_TS on the disc deserve a kick in the dick. :blobglarenervous:

It fucks with me because I feel obligated to copy it over regardless. :blobugh:

@netkitty *picks up kitn, sits back down and plops it down onto her lap* :blobcatpats:

Dammit, now I have "Get Ready For This" stuck in my head. :blobugh:

@trechnex @pzmyers There's also the Time Machine backup software for Mac OS as well.

@netkitty You need to be careful when you do that, you might get sat on. :blobcatpats:

@pzmyers "I am a CEO of a tech company, so..."

So she doesn't know shit, like many CEOs. :blobhyperthink:

@avie Well, not unless you switch it to Free Play mode. :blobowo:

"Coin-op" is such an odd term for arcade video games. Like, I can hazard a guess as to its mechanical game origins, but the most coins do on video games is increment a single variable that partially dictates your playtime.

I'm probably overthinking it. :blobteefs:

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