TIL that the "I was doing stuff" comic is part of a series of Person of Interest fan comics shipping two of its characters :blobwoah:


@FirstProgenitor TFW when suddenly it makes sense that Sony would name their robot dog range that. :blobfrowningbig:

Subtoot of a twitter chud 

@maloki @skipsageneration Yeah, I have to be honest, it'd be hard to have seen this coming without a precedent. :blobnervous:

Pessimistic prediction 

Food electrocution 

Pessimistic prediction 

Wait a second...

Family Man had a "The" in the title? :blobwaitwhat:

Grim thought (death) 

@bunnyjane Fume extractor, once I drill the necessary holes and cut some fish tank filter to size.

passing around the bucket hat (begpost) 

@troubleMoney @evie A social network where people uploaded 6-seconds videos in an attempt to become influencers.

@evie @troubleMoney Yeah, the founder of Vine apparently launched a successor.

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