@thamesynne I still need run leg out across the village to pick up my legs and be available for a phone appointment around that time. :blobyikes:

The Range: "Your parcel is out for delivery and is expected this Friday."

DHL: "We'll deliver it this afternoon."

@shahaan @jkb Yeah, as satisfying as it can be, it would be nice if it didn't take so much effort just for each tiny little thing all the bloody time. :blobugh:

FAO everyone who utterly missed the point of that "I'm not white" poll: 

@polychrome Yeah, but after Ritual went down the pan in the most embarrassing way possible after SiN Episodes 1, I'm surprised anyone could find that IP again.

Anyone know of a public domain dictionary that allows use in apps?

@synthgal Don't forget the TV movies, which I think are connected. And also have a theme tune that sounds like the composer watched too much Transformers. :blob_laughing:

"Capstone, the pinnacle of it's ALWAYS FUCKING SOMETHING."

- Civvie11

@synthgal I was thinking of that very game itself and honestly wasn't sure if anyone even remembered the movies or TV series at all. XD

@acciomath Yeah, not the most ideal, but it's largely because of all that damn media caching.

Tekwar remaster when? :blobhyperthinkfast:

Though, maybe see if Chris Pine is willing to portray Walter Bascom instead. :blobnervous:

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