@Nezchan Just when you think these dinguses can't get any more ridiculous...


If you haven’t blocked or suspended the domain, the poll currently being held on birdsite asking if the #Glimpse re-brand is worthwhile is also here:

re: Minecraft 



In a 1996 book titled "Duke Nukem Does The Internet" written by Duke Nukem himself, Duke states that he hates nazi sympathizers, racists, and gay-bashers

@casta Oof, yeah. I didn't realise it was part of eOne, which is annoying because the press were blathering on about the eOne purchase just a few days back. >.<

Anyone happen to know of a small-ish ARM micro that has builtin USB 3 support?

Space Pirate Captain Harlock 

@craigmaloney Apparently they just bought a record label and Entertainment One. o.O

Is Hasbro trying to be Disney the Second or something?

another old selfie, eye contact 

Potentially lewd joke 

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