@annika Yeah, that's pretty much just about how it's pronounced over here.

(I should know, because I live and grew up in this county. :blobcheeky: )

@marnanel In this case, it was a surname of an New Jersey man.

MFW an American YouTuber keeps pronouncing "Durham" something like "Durrrrr-ham" :blobgrimace:


How the fuck does someone manage to build a social network on WordPress of all fucking things? :blobdizzy:

furry Twitter chud, drama, a huge LMFAO 

@gumby @bunnegirl
"built on WordPress"

WordPress? Seriously?


Nicalis really needs to be burnt to the ground tbh. :blobtorch:

@dragon @ghost_bird For me it's hard to separate from the Culture Club song (Thanks, Boy George, for turning out to be a transphobic knobcheese) :blobcoffeeunamused:

@robotcarsley @norikawa Heh. It was the pose in the second pic that reminded me of the cover for Urusei Yatsura Movie 3, though it's not an exact match. :blobnervous2:

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