fediblock outpoa.st 

new instance!

racism, queerphobia, "freeze peach", i think the admin is a loli guy, it's all the usual shit

might be related to poa.st, i can't be arsed to check, i don't think it is


admin account:

CW: the example in the image is a boost of a post from another instance that contains slurs --- i've blurred parts of the words


@k *inhales for a very long time through her teeth* Yeeeeaaaaahhh... :blobgrimace:

@k They... fucked up horrendously and somehow managed to decide to be lax on loli and shota.

@InternetEh Oops. :blobawkward:

That's twice that's happened because of my awful font choices. :blobbored:

Drugs (painkillers), homophobia, mocking fragile cis men 

I jest, but grown men have thrown tantrums over being given pink lighters, so...

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Drugs (painkillers), homophobia, mocking fragile cis men 

So, Poundland seem to be getting their ibuprofen from a different manufacturer now and the tablets are now pink.

I'm just getting mental images of grown adult men returning these and demanding a refund and generally giving staff their own migraines because they "didn't ask for gay tablets!" :blobnervous:

Right wing YouTube 

Fucking ew, YouTube just shoved a PragerU short in my face, of Kevin Sorbo whining that he got what he deserved for being a cunt.

A recommendation on r/transgenderUK for places to find good thigh-high socks turned this place up, and they really do seem to have the goods - in sizes 4-36!


Has anyone ever actually stopped and realized how weird the crossbow from Half-Life 2 actually is? It's a makeshift Mad-Max looking crossbow that doesn't fire arrows, instead it fires really hot rebar that's heated up by a battery attached to the bottom of the crossbow 😳

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