On the plus side, Peacock is getting introduced to Sky and NOW for apparently no extra cost. :blobhuh:

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@maloki Partly weariness, partly foolishness, mostly that I didn't have the energy to get into my admin panel. :blobawkward:

Sky's ditching Sky One after 40 years and replacing it with Sky Showcase and Sky Max.

It's probably still going to be endless scattered reruns of NCIS: LA and the Lenkov-verse.

re: subtooting a birdsite infosec influencer, nsfw 

@deletescape @photonicfae I... might have just misread that as NFT for a split second. 😬


Wishing MMA fighter Darren Till an eternal coma from his next match. :blobcoffeeunamused2:


@greyor I'm considering nuking m.s as well, but I still have active mutuals there, so it's not an easy choice.



I've put up with Gargron's incompetence for too long. Moderation is barely there, if at all. There's still a fucking TERF and an antivaxx chud roaming around there despite being reported over the past couple of days, and this isn't even the first time some chud has been reported and nothing done about it until further action gets taken by people outside of that instance.


Begpost, Boosts + 

since i moved instances, i lost my original post about this

my partner and i are having an extra chaotic time in TN with our plumbing and job searching, and we need help shipping our storage container with basically all of our stuff to us

we are running out of time to get this money and if we don't get it, we lose everything including our bed and several sentimental items

currently we need $900 to cover things, but this amount may increase as we also have to get a plumber out to our house and we aren't sure how much that's going to cost

i'm trying my best to get a job and to get commissions, but commissions have been slow this month and despite several interviews, i have yet to be hired by anyone

i'm not trying to be a bother, we are just 2 queers doing our best, please help us out if you can

paypal: paypal.me/muttmusk

cashapp: $SCoyote

venmo: SCoyote

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest #transcrowdfund

Reminder that nothing is "just the way it is". It's the way we make it.

Having a whole process to determine whether or not somebody is allowed to exist in a different country isn't "just the way it is". Humans did that, and we can undo it.

People starving despite there being enough food isn't "just the way it is". Humans did that, and we can change it.

Your quality of life being determined by how much money you inherited isn't "just the way it is". Humans did that, and we can get rid of it.

MOTU: Revelation spoilers, really fucking wide-of-the-mark take 

This ain't it, marra. :blobdisapproval:

Holy shit, there's a new TV reboot of The Equalizer with a black woman? :blobsurprised:

Numbers used as dogwhistles 

@Canageek It's Cards, The Universe And Everything, which is being prompted as an "educational" TGC, so it probably makes sense not to include that little... detail. :blobnervous2:

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