Oh thank goodness, Mopidy seems to be able to distinguish between separate releases with the same artist and title.

@polychrome I vaguely remember the ADV release of New Cutie Honey shipping with some rather risque DVD covers way back when, so... I'm hardly surprised. :blobnervous2:

I feel like these 4K gaming videos of Dreamcast games and similar should also come with upscaled textures.

Not that I know if that's even possible in those emus. :thinkingwithblobs:

Star Wars Brain Fart 


I stand corrected. It's something called Quark Immedia. o.O

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I need to figure out how to extract the bonus music tracks from the CD-ROM of ATB's "Movin' Melodies" because it's some old Macromedia Shockwave shit. >.>

@netkitty *switches on a desk fan and points it at the pixelpuddle*

YouTube ads 

YouTube ads 

@polychrome Yep. The write protect tab was a plastic rectangle you could slide back and forth in the corner.

When you try to make a joke about a technology you don't know jack shit about, apparently.

(It's a coffee table designed to look like a 3.5-inch floppy disk. They don't have tabs to break off.)

Reminder that cancel culture is a thing white people made up to avoid being held accountable for their actions. ✨

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