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Bright side, though, the cron job I finally got off my arse to set up to clear remote media seems to be working*

* Watch everything got to shite as soon as I go to bed. :blobwhistle:

I think I might want to have a gander at sidekiq... tomorrow.

It's a bit late for ramping up my blood pressure right now. :blobnervous:

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I'm begging to either hire several additional mods or close sign ups for good. Or both.

Missing Doctor Who Season 4 (The Classic one, not Series 4 of the revived show) story The Macra Terror has been animated and getting a Steelbook BD release, it seems.

as an open letter to all of mastodon:

please, do something fucking different. don't just become another twitter alternative or twitter clone.

the reason many people came to this platform in the first place was because we were all sick and tired of twitter. slowly, all the things we were tired of seeing have been coming over here and it begs the question as to why this platform even exists anymore. whats the point of using something that's just like twitter when you can just use twitter?

My laptop once again sounds like it's ready to take off and all it's doing right now is optimising PNGs. >.>

Did you know? is the only fediverse instance run by a robot!

*finally gets off her arse and updates to 2.6.5*

My gods.

It's full of "Show thread" links. o.o

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Ugh. Looks like the doorbell button is sticking a bit.

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