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OF COURSE, VLC has to be a complete DICK about how it handles CUE files. >:(

Cool. I just used shntools to stitch a load of flacs into a single one and it plays back without fail. Even gapless and everything.

Plus I was able to generate a CUE sheet for it too.

Freebie alert:

A Story About My Uncle is free on Humble for a limited time.

I played the first episode of Doom the Way id Did and good lords, am I dizzy as fuck from it. x.x


(I was making a joke, btw. Read the description. :blobcheeky: )

Huh. REKKR has some nice continuity between levels, it seems.

shamelessly plugging an indie game, youtube link 

CBS rebooted Magnum P.I. but Magnum looks like a douche. :blobawkward:


Wtf, keyboard, I wanted to type "unofficial" not unification...

Oh, cool, someone actually uploaded the Soviet animated short "Return". I've only ever seen it as part of an unification music video for a Grum tune, that was edited in such a way as to tell a completely different story. :blobawkward:

Songs about ejaculation 


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