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Meta grumble 

*grumbles about this damn mattress being slightly too tall for the sheets* 😒

Surveillance capitalism, companies being dicks 

Now that I've been able to grab some new Command hooks, my trans flag can now act as a proper bed curtain.

(I had to dangle one corner from an existing lower hook that left it dangling cock-eyed, but now it's flush with the ceiling)

Damnit, do I have a Japanese electronic dictionary addiction? I just got a (brand new 2018 model) Sharp Brain because you can jailbreak it and run WinCE apps. #aesthetic #Japanese #handhelds


Cursed, gross bodily (dys)functions 

Outbrain bullshit, caps 

Remember when I told the public timeline at large that they should commission me and I would make screaming possum emojis?

And then someone did?

So we have these, which are licensed CC0 so you can have screaming possum fun wherever you like? :possum_angry: :possum_blush: :possum_cursing: :possum_happy: :possum_hearts:

That was so great. :D The Fediverse is so great. :D

I was getting tired of the cookie and privacy warnings all over the Internet, so I learned how to hide them: Using uBlock Origin, go to its preferences -> Filter lists -> open the "Annoyances" section -> activate "Fanboy's Cookie List" -> click "Apply changes".

Implied violence 

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