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Elon Musk: *Is CEO of SpaceX, Tesla*
People: "Elon made electric cars! Elon's taking us to Mars! Elon, Elon, Elon!"
Katie Bouman: *Invents an algorithm to see black holes, leads the team that executes it*
People: "hold up I mean it was a team effort, why does she get the praise?"


fun fact: when you speed up the GameCube menu 16x it plays the Famicom Startup theme.

If it weren't for the reflection on this TV...

I still wouldn't be able to see anything on this butt-awful movie.

(Adapted from a meme I've found)

🧛 Dracula: *transforms into a bat* 🦇

:blobaww: Me: OMG flappy sky puppy come here there is a blanket and I've got the brushybrushy for you do you want the brushybrushy

🦇 ...

:blobaww: ...

🦇 ...

:blobaww: ...

🦇 ... *tiny voice* yes

Power to you. Stripes of Pride updated with bi and aro versions, and a new pan version!


:heart_trans: :heart_bi: :heart_nb: :heart_pan: :heart_aro: :heart_ace:

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Absolute Radio just railed off the Konami Code... for reasons.

Hey, this zine that I worked on in out. NODE Vol 01, free digital release and physical preorder,

This first volume is 150 pages long, and, it's packed with features on P2P projects, such as Dat, Beaker, Ricochet IM, Aether. There are tutorials showing projects like the new NODE Mini Server, 3D print long range wifi antennas, how to chat via packet radio, and how to Libreboot the Thinkpad X200. There's also a handy open source directory at the back, and more!

Pointless Polls: sexiest Godzilla opponent

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Wow. Absolute 80s has been switching up their playlists a bit.

Hunting High and Low by A-ha right now.

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