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It's bizarre that the Asphalt series started out as a predominantly mobile series, but the later iterations and been increasingly available for Windows. :thonking:


The conversation with Todd from Purism was completely unproductive in my mind. In his view, there are only two possible options for moderation:

• Become a complete censorship machine with a slippery slope of who can or cannot speak

• Go by the jurisdiction users are in, hiding content illegal in certain jurisdictions and then removing content illegal in the poster's jurisdiction, for example a Chinese user's dissent against the Chinese gov't would be removed.

There are two problems that I brought up that, being that:

• Purism would be participating in the injustices of those countries

• Legal but harmful content would still be allowed, thus spreading harm.

I felt completely ignored when trying to get this across to him, especially that last bit. I also tried explaining to him that a slippery slope does not exist when you have set principles that you stick to within rules, but that completely flew over his head. It also ended with him basically telling me to solve the problem with a solution that works for every country everywhere and then get back to him. So, the block & boycott of Purism continues.

Napoleon Dynamite (2004) request 

Oh. Apparently they tried in 2013 and gave up a year later. :blobugh:

That crossover between the original Magnum, P.I. and Murder, She Wrote honestly has me wondering if CBS are considering rebooting the latter yet. :thonking:

TFW someone is blasting rave out of a Ford Ranger :blobglare:

LGBT rights sticker? 


Crime drama 

Unemployed 10 weeks, need groceries, offering free shipping to move inventory. #Necklace, 22 inches, black anodized aluminum over stainless steel in the byzantine weave, lead-free axe pendant, $45 to USA address or$tarlimanjoppos #maille #chainmail #heavymetal #art #mastoart Please Boost

TIL that R4 "timebombs" are a thing and the people who implemented this anti-feature deserve an eternity of pain 🙃

Apparently, though, you can just install a third-party firmware because I guess all that bullshit is in software. :blobshrug:

Hi internet friends. I have a very dear friend with over a decade of technical writing experience who is likely to get deported in the next month unless they can find a job.

Anyone looking for technical writers in the Bay Area?

i really want a like.. touched up version of this, as an art print, for a wall in my home. look at this shot. this is great. imagine this but drawn/painted by someone with a little more time and budget.

Conservative """"""christian"""""" actors 

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