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Also, this kinda came up, but not everyone using Masto/masto-like sites are tech savvy. Telling me to build my own instance or do _______ as someone who barely understand what it means and entails isn't useful.

Masto discourse is not accessible and some of yall are just hostile and annoying and condescending for no reason whatsoever.

Are there any #shortwave ham radio operators on Mastodon? (I have to assume there are, but I've never knowingly encountered one!)

new dialup express instance block 

For anyone still confused:

Please remember that actual freedom of speech does not mean you have a right to a platform and listeners. Your freedom is unaffected by being muted, blocked, or banned. You’re still free to stand on whatever street corner you choose and rant at whoever will listen.

But when you’re in someone else’s house, you play by their rules. You’re there because they allow you to be, and that privilege can and will be revoked if they decide they don’t want you there.

Also, "press the single button on this device six times to switch the language from Chinese to English" sounds silly at first, but then how many times are you actually going to change the language on a device like this?

Yeah. :bloblul:

The USB tester I ordered from Ebay arrived, and...

The USB plug on it seems to be double sided? O.o

Fantasy RPG in which you're trying to pick up the pieces from a pub crawl that got so out of hand that it somehow led to the accidental decimation of a Dark Lord's army, said Dark Lord's subsequent breakdown and a complete re-evaluation of their personal goals.

Patreon launch 

Fantasy RPG where you're a team of archivists trying to get hold of an extremely rare computer game by any means necessary, as well as assembling the only device capable of correctly dumping a ROM image.

Sounds gross but okay 

Pets (hamsters) 

Terrible TERRIBLE pun 

Cryptocurrency shitpost 

Cryptocurrency shitpost 

birdsite, anti-Japanese sentiment 

Pets (hamsters) 


Terrible weapon pun 

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