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What's the fucking point of a -v switch if your program isn't going to at least give me some form of progress feedback? >.>

UK TV ads 

Huh. TIL that the 1995 movie Heat is a remake of pilot Micheal Mann produced for a TV series that never got picked up. o.O

Or, like most FOSS games, any sense of character. :blobrollingeyes:

I guess nobody on working on any of KDE's games can art good. >.>

Physical health - 

New queer nightclub in London 

Funkwhale, security, review wanted 

instance meta, suspend recommendation 

I am still searching for someone from whom I can commission a new avatar for my profile.

Is there a place you can search for artists on the fediverse, or places I can go and find recommendations? It's been a bit quiet so far.

Subtooting Libel Bunny 

Gab and others 

Why the heck is the BBC making allusions to the Moon Landings of all things when talking about Wimbledon?

Excretion puns, caps 

New instance block 

I forgot how disastrously terrible the MCU Inhumans ended up. :blobugh:

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