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DashEquals, call out, toxic behaviour, harassment | really long post 

DashEquals, call out, toxic behaviour, harassment 

Hey Fedi.

I need to call out someone for their arm length history of shitty and toxic behaviour.

The thread will be under CW, but it may generate some discourse outside my control.

So, if you're fragile, tired, if this kind of topics is draining for you, you may want to add a filter for the terms "DashEquals", to avoid being exposed to this.



List of gab instances 

Oh FFS, Akasa seems to have discontinued their Flexstor cases. >:(

Shitty YouTubers 

video essay re: being nice to nazis, youtube 

TERF game dev warning 

TERF game dev warning 

anyone have tips on a terminal masto client? I'm on this "no webbrowsers" kick again

Meds (-) 

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