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Belated SyFy rant 

Brain Fart 

Pets (hamsters) 

Hate Fedilab? 

Game Engine Vent 

I'm making another 5 or 10 of them.
Suggestions welcome (but I'm considering the ones by patreons first).

The set so far is here:

Also if you want to throw some money at me:

#chick #emoji #creativeCommons

Nothing like a minor error with Discord permissions to cause major panic. >.<

TFW the UDOO Bolt V8 costs as much as a new laptop but someone _somewhere_ will be all "hurr hurr Raspberry Pi killer!"

Comedic death, gross, Robot Chicken 

Apparently I'd forgotten what the original mix of Marc Et Claude's "Loving You" (Yes, I know it's a cover) because I'd basically been listening to nothing but the Ratty remix for the past 2 decades. >.>

Well that's odd. Sound Juicer ripped the audio tracks on this disc without fail.

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I am so fucking confused as to why the hell bchunk is extracting tracks with a massive offset.

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