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Neo-Nazi and Alt-Right Iconography and Symbols (Mega Post, boosts welcome) 

Gab, TERFs 

Why Gabbers organized a fake feminist (actually anti-trans site) was so they can make this claim. BTW “second largest Gab site) could be done with less than 1,000 people. Total bullshit.

Asking For Money, Boosts OK 


Twitter link, Financial assistance 

I guess American Horror Story jumped in the Stranger Things bandwagon.

Welp, I just resorted to "fixing" my damn chair with duct tape and a hose clamp. :blobteefs:

Crap movies, cops 

All I can hear from downstairs is the telly blaring the sounds of some dude having a tantrum with his punching bag (I assume). :blobexpressionless:

[Extremely SEGA Jingle voice] 

People who self-proclaim themselves to be "experts" almost always prove to be anything but.

FOSSbros failing 

In which MVG finishes up an incomplete 15 year old Xbox port of a Nuon game.

Let's give away a £600 item when the customer spends £100! What could possibly go wrong?!

Abuse and criticism avoidance quote 

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