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Hot Take 

The patterns in this post and in the previous one are here (public post, creative commons licensed):

a dumb joke I thought of earlier: what do asexuality and apathy have in common? 

Work is still ongoing for our application icons and art assets, but we're excited to introduce our new project logo!

#Glimpse is now also on Open Collective:

Another Domain Block 

Domain Block 


UK TV ads 

meta, Kaniini etc 

Subtoot of a racist shit, no caption 

Subtoot of a racist shit, no caption 

re: death, videogames 

Since when did Hallmark start licensing actual songs and not purpose-written generica?

(if generica isn't a word, I just fucking coined it)

I guess The Last Airbender didn't completely failtrain Dev Patel's career.

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