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Dark Matter 

Electrical waste 

Fuck's sake, the Grand Comics Database is a MESS. :blobfrowningbig:

Domain block 

I'm blocking because they are a gab friendly instance.

You probably should to.

Electrical waste 

Electrical waste 

DWP bullshit, crying, asking for help 

Which is ironic for someone who owns two motorcycles that have parts replaced over their lifespans.

I keep thinking about how piss-weak the stand that shipped with the parents' new TV is, that they could get a cheap VESA mount to straighten the damn thing up, but my dad is too fucking stubborn about solving anything with aftermarket solutions.

What if we put Duke Nukem's head on top of Bart Simpson's body! 

hey uh, dont just randomly be horny at strangers without consent

shits creepy

It's still wild to me that BT went from running Cellnet until spinning it off into O2 in the early 2000s, to them buying up EE a couple of years ago. O.o

The main light is off but these things are still illuminating half the fucking room. O.o

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