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Solar core gaming take 

You ever just hear about a brand doing a thing these days and think "wow they exist?".

I just got reminded that Matchbox is still around.

ReDoomEd (Mac port of the original Doom level editor) is now in beta:

Game music 

It still frustrates me that whenever I see people talking about "Forsaken" in a games context it always turns out to be about Destiny and not the Acclaim 6DOF shooter. >.<

(Get off my lawn)

Is there a Rhythmbox plugin that makes browsing your music more bearable? :blobcoffeeunamused:

Cursed idea 

Okay, I'm confused.

Retro Promenade's "Coastal Keys" and "The Next Peak Vol III" seem to be missing a track or two by an artist called Faint Waves, and I can't seem to figure out if they're just hidden from streaming and free downloads (thus, giving me incentive to pony up the cash for them) or if they've been completely removed. O_O

Smoking-adjacent, silly PC components 

get $15 from the makers of Tylenol 

I don't know about anyone else, but I used to think that Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman were essentially competing with one another, until I learned that Dexter Fletcher not only directed the latter but also had to finish off Bohemian Rhapsody because Bryan Singer was being a knob.

(And because the Director's Guild of America is a shitshow, Fletcher only got an Executive Producer credit)

Utter ballaches: trying to add a MusicBrainz release for a digital release that's no longer available to buy ANYFUCKINGWHERE. >:(

Queer Eye but it's BigClive fixing electrical fuckups.

UK TV ads 

Mods and admin!!!

If you have instance block recommendations pls file under #fediblock

@gingerrroot and I started this as a way to collect them for reference

Easier to have it under a hashtag so they can be found. Pls and thanks

Block Recommendation 

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