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UK Lockdown grumbles 

Yow, THQ Nordic's Linux port of Silver is glitchy. >.>

Every video I see of Space Engineers battles usually ends up being a chugfest. :blobtilt:


I literally have no idea why my Now TV remote is sending IR signals when I hit an arrow key when it's supposed to be sending that signal over WiFi. :blobconfused:

COVID-19 shitpost 

Nazi to track bad instances by 

GOG, Free stuff 

Weird pun that popped into my head in these headachey times 

Do phone repair shops not exist in the US to the scale that they do in the UK? :blobtilt:

This brought to you by currently being unable to log into Steam right now because my phone is STILL at the repair shop because the asshat there decided to hold off on doing it because he assumed "can I pick it up a little later in the week" as "can I pick it up next week", and he's fannying about trying to spudge the old glue off instead of just taking a fucking emery board to it or something. :blobfacepalm:

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For fuck's sake, Steam, STOP FUCKING LOGGING ME THE FUCK OUT. :blobrageangry:

Anytime you seen numbers and figures thrown around, mentally tell yourself 'citation needed'

"12 actors who hated being on Star Trek" and you're not going to bring up the fact that Jennifer Lien was practically fucked over by Voyager? :blobhyperthink:

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