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This is a Native artist owned and operated studio. They have amazing rugs, blankets and jewelry

I'm selling these less-than perfect 3D printed Slime Friend Switch Docks at half off. They're going 25$ each!

The support collums on the bottom of the light blue one fused together, making the whole dock slightly taller.

The dark blue one printed fine, but when I coated it in shiny acrylic I went overboard. The acrylic coat has bubbles in it and it pooled in places.

I'll put them on Etsy (probably for a slightly higher price) later but I wanted to announce them ASAP.

Did you know that the original DOS version of #Doom had support for a triple monitor mode? This allowed you to run the game with three monitors with two set at an angle to create a full surround "#VR" feel.

ChocolateDoom has recreated this mode:

Here's two gameplay videos I've found:

- Doom 2 MAP01:

- A custom WAD:

This Mailgun email seems a bit hostile in its wording and formatting until it quickly clarifies that they're implementing a minimum $1 fee instead. :blobtilt:

*might have bought a soldering station off AliExpress*

Look, it was £35 and my only good iron exploded and set off a trip switch a couple of months ago.

In other news, Remute continues to release his music in unusual videogame-based formats, this time an SD card with a DS ROM:

GOG nonsense (yeah, yeah) 

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GOG nonsense (yeah, yeah) 

Anyway, it seems everyone likes the April Fools update with alternate dimensions so much, Mojang is looking to implement it in the game proper:

Kodansha stop fucking around and reprint Get Backers in English challenge 2020 >.>

BDSM in fiction 

Dear YouTubers:

Find some fucking library music that doesn't sound like it fell off the back of The Asylum's truck, okay?

Have to wonder what Brick Experiment Channel does with all those broken pieces that result from their experiments.

Is Lego even recyclable?

So... I guess Hasbro's been streaming G.I. Joe episodes on their YouTube channel. :blobnervous:

Gamers being racist 

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