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Teespring has a sale going this weekend on all masks- Including Mine 👀 🎉

Use code WEARAMASK to get 10% off and support a queer indigenous writer/ artist:

YouTube, cursed 

Minecraft, official cursed 

Cursed idea 

accidentally imported a pet shirt experiment design onto a kid's onesie and now i cant stop laughing at a baby wearing an "I BITE RACISTS" shirt lmfao

Looking for recommendations: Does anyone know any free PDF software (preferable FLOSS) that can add contents/chapter marks to PDF documents? Ideally runs on Mac (with binaries available); could get by with running in ubuntu. :boost_ok:

Educational tech 

I'm pretty sure Sony and Comcast could afford to hold off producing those final Blacklist episodes, but that's just me. :blobshrug:

remember when The Blacklist had the bad luck to have been producing its final episodes before the pandemic hit so production rushed to get cheap and fast CG made of the last few episodes of the show

A superhero that's basically just pug scaring the shit out of their foes by staring at them all the time.


It’s so ugly that even if it was a piece of THE TRUE CROSS I would not give $200 for it

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Wayfair is advertising a log for $214.99

It’s just a log

If you tried to sell someone a log for two hundred dollars out my way, you’d get your ass kicked

Pets (hamsters), rude people 

Hermitcraft music 

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